4. Social media alternatives

Ditch social media. 


Instead of wasting your time on social media, make your own free website on a free IP address (a cheap paid domain is a wise addition though), get a free email address, and chat in real-time with your friends on IRC, with Seamonkey. It has a Composer module to edit and publish your own websites; a Browser to browse the web; a superb Email module to check your e-mail; and Address Book to manage your contact list; and an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, to chat with the whole world. It is free and it does not collect information about you, it respects your privacy. It is the only Internet Suite from Mozilla that survived, it is one of the oldest browsers on the net. For voice- and video-chat use some free and secure messengers (e.g. Simplex, Session, Jami, Briar, Wire, etc), or use similarly free browser-based alternatives such as Jitsi. If safe-to-use privacy-respecting social media is still needed, use Mastodon, a distributed and federated network. Pick your instance, create a free profile, and congregate with like-minded people there, but be careful: all social media is, by design, addictive.

Contact me for the detailed instructions how to get started, if needed.