6. Avoid five topics

Avoid five divisive/explosive topics: Politics, Religion, Race, Sex, Money.


There are five topics that are divisive, and which never in human history have ever resulted in peace, understanding, or agreement between people. In other words: these are topics which are absolutely futile to discuss, to debate, to argue pro or con any side, idea, concept, etc. History has shown that millions of people have debated these for millennia, and never ever got anywhere while doing so. The only result of these pointless, divisive debates was war, destruction, mayhem, disorder, unhappiness. Be wise, and when you realize that a conversation with someone(s) is veering into the direction of these five topics, respectfully resist the temptation to partake, stay away from these topics, do not discuss them in public.

Remember, there is definitely nothing positive resulting in discussing these topics with anyone, so you are not left out of anything good. In fact, you do a great service to yourself, and to mankind, by steering clear of these dangerous topics. I hope you will be a happier person by doing so.

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