1. "The News"

Stop checking the news. Learn languages. Travel. Make friends. Get a life.


"Journalism" is based on the French word "jour", which means "day". Guess what: you do not need to be informed about happenings in the world daily. Also, you certainly do not need to consume "news" prepared for you by well-known interest groups whose agenda is to brainwash you to follow their world-view and align your interests with theirs.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that in this beautiful big world with 8+ billion inhabitants, every single day exactly 5 minutes worth "newsworthy stories" occur, and magically, none of them are positive? Have you ever doubted that the world is really so bad that only negative things happen, and these negative things always happen in countries which are independent and/or do now want to subordinate their interests to your own? Hmm, is it a coincidence? Think harder... and while doing so stop checking the news regularly, start learning languages and traveling the world, meet and befriend people you meet. It is a better recipe to have a meaningful life than listening to all the war-, scare-, fear- and hate-mongering news media on a daily basis.

Even in peace-times news media is bad, but in war-times you should absolutely stay away from "the news", as it is always lying, always brainwashing, and more importantly: always war-mongering. As a general rule do not hate, and do not let news media make you hate other people.